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Het Verkeershuis



Our company name 'Het Verkeershuis' translates into 'House of Traffic'. We guide young adults in obtaining the desired driver's licence and conduct theory lessons in a classroom setting for the compulsory theory exams. House of Traffic also aims at those who already posess the driver´s licence but could do with some support. The senior drivers who want to remain mobile and confident in Dutch traffic. We help them to participate in modern traffic and remain mobile in a safe and pleasant way. To cope with new traffic rules ánd participants, with advanced assistence systems and more traffic but less tolerance....

In addition, we support highly skilled foreign migrants (expats) and their family members both in theoretical and practical skills in order to gain more confidence and get acquainted with our typical Dutch traffic. With its (un)written rules, exceptions and (sometimes nasty) habits. Solutions and offers are ´made to measure´, tailored to the needs and demands of expat clients or the company employing them. Driving lessons and/or theoretical courses can be conducted in English and German (both fluent) and to some extend in French language. 

This page offers specific information relevant for expats participating in Dutch traffic

House of Traffic in short

  • for (employers of) highly skilled migrants (expats) with or without a Dutch driver's licence 
  • small scale, personal approach, tailor made solutions
  • traffic coach & approved driving instructor with background in international business 
  • getting confident with daily Dutch traffic, rules & habits 
  • from individual lessons to education in a classroom setting
  • theoretical and practical training, optional in our dual operated driving school car
  • incompany traing, available in the area Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Tilburg, Breda
  • coaching in Dutch, English & German

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Many people come to live and work in The Netherlands each year, either as an employee sent on assignment, or because they are fulfilling a lifelong dream of living here. Stepping outside your comfort zone and relocating to a new country can be challenging and cultural differences can cause headaches and frustrations. However, once they are explored and understood, new opportunities and positive life experiences emerge.

House of Traffic services for companies and expat employees

For highly skilled migrants (expats) we offer individual coaching and driving training as well as programs in a classroom setting that focus on getting acquainted with Dutch traffic. We offer expat training in Dutch, English and German. We  support people in dealing with different driving rules, signs, habits and behaviour. We train individuals to feel comfortable and save in Dutch traffic but also work for companies to offer newly arrived expats a training prior to obtaining their company car.

The expat education & coaching program is offered in the region of Eindhoven, Tilburg, Breda and Den Bosch. We also service expats in getting the official Dutch driver’s licence. Depending on specific goals, our coaching not only focusses on laws and traffic rules but prepares for potential danger you might face in Dutch traffic and its culture. Your traffic coach is committed to achieving mutually agreed goals and will patiently prepare you for situations such as roundabouts, cyclists paths and behaviour in residential areas.

For our (practical) training, you may choose to use your own car but our full option comfortable company driving school car (dual controls) is at your disposal (click here for car details).

Traffic Theory training

We explain main traffic rules and traffic signs. Special attention for priority and how to deal with (sharing the road with) pedestrians and cyclists. How to behave on roundabouts and motorways. Speed limits, use of headlights, speed cameras, traps and Dutch police vehicles.


Traffic Practical training

We asses your driving style, conduct practical training on roundabouts, motorway’s and other traffic situations such as parking. In the evaluation suggestions on how and what to improve will be given to the expat.

  • For obtaining the officlal Dutch driver’s licence we obviously offer different courses.
  • Given the variety of services, we cannot apply standard rates;  Proposals are ‘made to measure’ and we are happy to come up with answers and solutions that fit your needs.

Our expat services wil begin September 2022. Knowledge migrants and companies are invited to contact us without any obligation to discuss our education and coaching possibilities.

Drive the Dutch way

The good news; The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in Europe for driving. At the sime time it has more bicycles than people, roughly 18 million bikes - often used daily - that have a major impact on our tiny country. So yes, you may encounter some difficulties getting familiarised with Dutch traffic. Depending on your country of origin, rules might be quite different. This difference is even more noticeable when you live in a major city. The Netherlands is one of the world’s most densely populated countries. That means a lot of traffic is pushed along the many roads and junctions. Despite being able to retain your driving license, you likely wish to maintain the mobility afforded by a car. We are happy to assist should e.g. a leasing company requires you to undergo additional training first.

Newly arrived expats might over estimate their ability to deal with the Dutch traffic. In case of a company or leased car this might lead to costly accidents. But even as a cyclist or speed pedalist, rules in daily traffic can need clarification. The Dutch have a characteristic mentality and behaviour in traffic. It wil take time and understanding to get used to driving in various cities and conditions. We can speed up this process, preventing tension or fear in the overwhelming effect that Dutch traffic can have on you as an expat. We will teach you how the daily traffic works, what to expect and how (not) to behave.

learn more on expats & Dutch driver's licence

"we will inform you on the main daily differences in habits and (applying) rules. From priority rules for trams and buses, seatbelts, children seats, drink-driving limits, speed limits + radar detection equipment, crossing a solid white line, use of roundabouts, what items to carry in the car, fines and penalties for driving offences to car parking and loads more"

Your traffic coach

John Maas is your traffic coach, approved driving instructor and owner of Het Verkeershuis (House of traffic). With over 30 years of experience in (inter)national business, he has been active in different commercial roles, focussing on international media distribution. 

The founding of Het Verkeershuis in 2022 was a conscious 'change of course'. Backpacked with knowledge, experience and skills, he is committed to coach (young)adults in obtaining the desired driver's license. But also helping them by conducting theory classes for their compulsory exam.  Trying to make them better and safer drivers. 

Affinity with international business made him target (companies hiring) highly skilled migrants (expats). According to their needs, foreign expat employees - often in possesion of a driver's licence - receive made to measure guidance in order to participate in Dutch traffic with confidence.  He not only distinguishes himself via practical and relevant traffic knowledge, but is also skilled to transfer his expertise in different languages. Wether via personal guidance or incompany training.